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Split Window Surf Club

Split Window Surf Club | Kowabunga Van Klan of Huntington Beach - Huntington Beach, CA

What is a Split Window Surf Club? It is a group of individuals living in the Huntington Beach, CA area getting together through the Kowabunga Van Klan of Huntington Beach and sharing a passion for VW split window buses and surfing. All members must have a split window VW.

If you are wondering what a VW split window is, it is a Volkswagen Beetle model with split back windows. Instead of being one large, oval-shaped rear window, the window is split in half by composite material that is the color of the vehicle. It is quite a unique look that raises eyebrows whenever anyone takes notice.

In 1953, the Beetle's rear window was made larger. Split windows are rare in today's society. That is one of the reasons why we started a VW Split Window Surf Club. We like to bring owners together to celebrate the uniqueness of the vehicle. Combine this with surfing and socialization, and you have the makings of a true adventure!

Join our VW Split Window Surf Club to share stories about recent trips, outings, new adventures, and other adventures. Members are continually sharing information about extending the useful life of this precious vehicle. You will likely find swap meets, parts sales, and publications available at meetings throughout the year.

Split Window Surf Club meetings and gatherings are a blast. Parking lots are full of rare model vehicles that encourage sharing, picture-taking, and pure enjoyment. You will probably think you are at a classic car display when you first see our gatherings!

Spend some time in the Huntington Beach, CA area and join other passionate split window lovers at Kowabunga Van Klan of Huntington Beach. You will be smiling!